1993-03-28 Love on Approval – Sermon Only MP3

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Dr. R. Maurice Boyd’s sermon, “Love on Approval”, recorded on March 28, 1993 at The City Church, New York.
This recording has moments where it’s difficult to hear Dr. Boyd as the volume dips and the sound becomes muffled. This is the best version of the recording, and unfortunately there’s nothing that can be done to improve it further.

The file is in MP3 format and is available only as a download (or as part of the iPod collections). The sermon may also be available as part of a full service CD recording. Please check in the “CDs of Full Services” category if you prefer the CD recording.

Please note, the MP3 file will download inside a .zip file. This prevents your browser from playing the file (instead of downloading it). Once downloaded, double-click on the file to unzip.

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1993-03-28 Love on Approval – Sermon Only MP3